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自考英语二作文范例万能模板及翻译 满分作文10篇整理

据自成学历信息网小编的了解,《自考英语二作文范例万能模板及翻译 满分作文10篇整理》,原来具体内容是这样的。


自考英语二作文范例万能模板及翻译 满分作文10篇整理


英语万能作文范文带翻译 第1篇

According to report, in China, there are about 70 thousand people killed in traffic accident, accounting for more than 50% of the total number of accidental deaths. Both the traffic accident rate and mortality rank first in the world whose victims are mainly children, adolescents and the elderly. This a a cruel fact. How can we make the roads safer? Remember the following rules.


When you ride a bike or walk in the street, keep yourself in the right side of the road. Don’t cross the road or turn left at a red traffic light. Give a sinal when you want to cross the road or stop. Before corssing the road, stop and look at your right and left sides, making sure that there is no car passing by. Additionally, our government should make more severe traffic rules and punitive measures. Some drivers always violate the traffic rules, which is the main cause to traffic accidents. Therefore, our governmet should play a more important role in preventing traffic accidents.


英语万能作文范文带翻译 第2篇

I have a good math is . How much I like him!

I think he is very smart and I have some problem that I cant solve,he always helps me. I know that it is not easy for him to teach us such a difficult Id try to learn it well.

Thank you,Mr Wu!




英语万能作文范文带翻译 第3篇

I have a secret. I have saved some pocket money, because I want to buy a present for my mother. My mother is a housewife. She takes care of all the chores. Sometimes I will be very naughty and make her angry, but now as I grow up, I know I must be a good girl and help her to do some work. My money is nearly enough to buy a gift.


英语万能作文范文带翻译 第4篇

I have a new is Huang is is twelve years has long has big eyes and small is classmate likes reading book,playing computer games,listening to music,but sometimes she likes playing sports.

This is my classmate,What about you.



英语万能作文范文带翻译 第5篇

I have many my spare time,I like listening to some pop music,especially the music played by some pop can make me relax and let me forget my unhappy moment. If I'm in good mood,I always read some history books,which I think is benefical to my study .Besides,surfing the Internet is another means of entertainment of the Internet I can get some useful information and chat with my friends as Internet has shortened our distance.

英语万能作文范文带翻译 第6篇

Before I was five years old, I did not like to eat fruit. I only like meat. My mother tried to figure out many ways to let me to eat fruit and gain the vitamins. She used fruits to make funny models, which indeed attracted me to eat. What’s more, the fruit salad is my favorite food now. I like to eat apples and grape.


英语万能作文范文带翻译 第7篇

Healthy eating is important for us in our daily life.

Food can give us energy and hg elp us build up our body. How should we eat to be healthier?

First we should have enough clean food each meal.

Second its important to keep a balanced diet. Third we should have a regular meal.

Im sure we will all be healthy one day!





英语万能作文范文带翻译 第8篇

Time is important to everyone. Lost time will never come back.

We must keep this in mind in our daily life and make the best use of our time. Only in this way can we succeed in life.

How can we make full use of our time? First of all, we'd better make a plan. We should arrange our study, work and rest.

We can know what we should do next so that we can save as much time as possible when we study or work, we should put our hearts into it.

We should spend every minute on a period of time's study and work we can take a good rest.

I think that all of us should emphasize using our time effectively.





英语万能作文范文带翻译 第9篇

My mother always tells me not to eat too much candy, but I just couldn’t control myself. Once, I felt my teeth hurt and did not feel like eating. My mother took me to see the dentist and I was so afraid. The doctor used his machine to fix my teeth, I was terrified and cried. Since then, I realize the importance of taking care of my teeth. So I do not eat the candy too often. I will wash my teeth before I sleep, what’s more, the ice food and the sour food will be rejected by me. My friends envy me for having the white teeth, for I look so healthy and beautiful.


英语万能作文范文带翻译 第10篇

I imagine a lot about lives in the future.

I think two words can summarize my imagination. The first word is fast. In the future we will have more quickly transportation means. Now matter how far we go it takes only a short time. With the development of science and technology we can travel to the moon Mars or somewhere outer space. People may can live in other planets. The second word is convenient. Because of the fast development of our society many work can be done by computers or even robots. Lots of things are fully automated.

Humans just need to give some simple instructions to complete complecated tasks.